Cherokee Country Club Wedding Photography

Wow. What a day May 13th was. I don't even know where to begin, but one thing I must say is these people know how to CELEBRATE. It's hard to top a reception like this when there were 4 plus hours of non-stop dancing - young, old, guys, and girls. I actually got scolded a few times for taking pictures instead of dancing. (; Hip scarves, throwing the bride and groom into the air on chairs, an amazing Arabic band, napkins waving in the air. I'm still waiting to be adopted into these amazing Palestinian families, but they made me feel like family the whole time so I feel like I'm already halfway there. I love the way they love and celebrate each other so fiercely. It's no question that the bond their families share is strong and wildly important.

I started with the reception, but the ceremony was beautiful and the reverence was something that just isn't as common any more. I captured all of the sweet moments from the balcony with no flash as requested and I think there is something so sweet about that. Marriage is truly about God bringing two people together as one, it's not about the best lighting or angles or perfectly curated moments. (Although those aren't bad things!) But it was a sweet and humble reminder.

I'm so thankful to have been a part of Alicia & George's special day. Every detail fell into place perfectly and I'm excited to share just a few favorites so you can relive this day if you were there or pretend you were there dancing & sweating with the rest of us!

XOXO my habibis,


Special shout out to all the amazing vendors involved. Sassafras Flowers, Daisy Cakes, HP Video, Tre Salon, & Sharon Blevins of Cherokee Country Club. You are all amazing!! XOXO