Botanical Inspired Photoshoot

As an artist & someone working in a creative profession, I think it’s so important to stay inspired in fresh ways to expand the way we think and keep ourselves connected to why we love what we do. This shoot was that for me. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do more things that spark my creative energy, just for the plain heck of it. For FUN. For the sake of creativity. And this shoot was just that!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos and that they might spark something creative & original within you! The confines of this shoot were simple. Black backdrop. One window of light. Greenery & neutral/white floral details. Neutral & shimmery make up palette. And some of my favorite girls that I’ve been walking with in a Bible study for three years now. None of them models. (Professionally at least. But aren’t they FIRE FIRE FIRE?!) We had so much fun playing and being free together.

I can’t wait to do more shoots like this in the future just fo fun! Have any unique ideas for me to run with? Would love to hear if you have any thoughts on what my next “art project” should be!