Our Tennessee River Family Photoshoot

As a photographer myself, I obviously believe in the value of photos. They are so special to me. I love how they mark the different seasons we are growing through together as a family. It’s something we will always intentionally leave space for in our budget. It’s something I will pursue to have done at least once a year. It’s something that means so very much to me.

There are always obstacles to family photos though. Let’s be real! Between nap time & meal time & trying to figure out how to time it right so your kids are feeling most happy. Coordinating schedules with your husband when it may feel like you’re running around in opposite directions. Picking out outfits that go well together. Finding the money to pay for the photographer you love. Hoping for good weather. Trying to get your crazy dog to sit still. ;) The list goes on and on. But I believe it is ALWAYS worth it.

I can be a bit of a minimalist when it comes to our home. I love purging and getting rid of clothes in our closet, and items around the house, but I can be sentimental about some things. And photos are definitely the memorable items I know that I’ll keep forever. They mark a season and remind me of what it looked and felt like during that time. And that is so special.

So this is us. December 2018. Pregnant with our second baby girl. (But not aware of it yet.) Very thankful to have each other. Soaking up every bit of family time that we can after work and on the weekends. Chasing an 11 month old up and down the stairs and around the house as she crawls from one cabinet to the next. Playing with our sweet and crazy black lab who is so well-trained when it comes to duck hunting, but not so much when at an open park with other potential puppy playmates around. Walking the tight rope of work and home life and friendships and family and personal care and learning what our best yeses and nos are. Dressing up for photos, but most of the time wearing our “play clothes” and getting outside. Rain or shine. This is us. And I love us. I want to remember us like this forever. Even as things change.