3 Easy House Plants // Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants That are Hard to Kill

I have killed many a plant. (Most of them succulents - which are supposed to be an easy plant, aren't they?!) But I have found a few house plants that are low maintenance enough for us to have a thriving relationship. If you too are a serial plant killer, here are 3 easy indoor plants that have stood the test of time living with a forgetful plant mom. They are low light & require little watering. I'll even throw in one bonus plant you may have underestimated!

Low Maintenance House Plants

PLANT #1 : Big Bertha the Dieffenbachia 'Tropic Snow'

I've had Big Bertha for over a year, sitting both right here by the window & closer to the center of our house further from windows, and it has thrived with both levels of light. Occasionally a big leaf will wilt and I will peel it off and then new growth follows quickly! (I may need to move it to a bigger pot soon...) I water it about once a week or when it starts to look a little sad. (Sad is a technical term.)

Knoxville peeps, I got this beauty from Stanley's Greenhouse, as well as the next plant on my little list!

Low Maintenance House Plants

PLANT #2 : Happy Plant (Mr. Happy for short) the Golden Pothos

You might see this plant at the store in a pot with a little thingamabob (I'm clearly no expert folks) in the middle for it to grow around because it is a creeping plant. But as you see here, I've just let it grow around my salad bowls. (ha!) This plant actually gets almost no light, being up in the corner with no window facing it directly. When it wants water it tells me by getting completely droopy, like you would maybe even assume it's dead, but then I water it and 12 hours later. BOOM! Back to life! Happy Plant has also been with us for over a year, too!

Low-Maintenance House Plants by Suzy Collins

PLANT #3 : Charlie the Cupid Peperomia

This guy needs to find a more permanent location, but my husband gets nervous about holes in the wall ever since we remodeled the house. (All new sheet rock.) Let's peer pressure him! Hehe. This one gets some window light from our small kitchen window & I water him when the soil feels dry. 

3 Easy House Plants that are Impossible to Kill by Suzy Collins

BONUS PLANT #4: Fake Plants Rule the World!

Nothing is as low maintenance as a fake plant, friends! I've bought a lot of mine at Marshall's actually and they've added nice little pops of green around my house. I find that succulents are one of the better fake plants to buy because succulents naturally have a waxier texture & look so it's harder to tell fake from real. I typically use them in places where people are less likely to touch them & they are a little further from sight. (What is it with us when we see a plant & we have to touch it to find out if it's real??) You can get way better quality ones that people would never know are fake for a higher price, but if you're on a budget, stick to Marshall's & Home Goods to add some happy green around your home!

Half of the plants in this photo are real & half are fake. Tricky trickyyy.

Low-Maintenance House Plants That Are Easy to Care For by Suzy Collins

I hope this blog was helpful! Would love to see you brighten up your home (& purify your air, whoop) with some happy house plants of your own!

xoxo, the serial plant killer / wanna-be plant lady

If you're local, check out Stanley's Greenhouse to buy your local plants! To find your perfect plant by lighting, color, & perks use this "plant finder" from Costa Farms.