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Suzy’s Seven

Who are “Suzy’s Seven”? These are the seven couples whose weddings I have & will commit to photographing each year.

That’s right. Call me crazy. SEVEN. Seven incredible couples who will become more like friends than clients. Seven wonderful couples who will give me the serious honor of telling their love story. Seven fun, kind, color-loving, thoughtful, vulnerable clients who will let me into their world to capture the day they make a covenant to one another through my lens.

Why? Because I believe in quality over quantity. Because I believe I can give the best to each of my clients when my heart & mind & creative energy isn’t divided into a million directions. Because I believe wedding days are a really big deal - once in a lifetime. And I want to provide the best experience possible for the couples that say YES to me.

Could you be one of my seven? Could I be your wedding photographer? (I feel the serious weight of that question!) If what you’ve seen of my work and who I am here on my site has resonated with you, deep down in your bones, I would love to chat. I would love to hear your story. I would love to find out if we are a match!